The Horrors of Shopping



Having a pear shaped body makes finding clothes online that actually fit a really hard task. With a full time job as a people pleaser -er- I mean waitress, I barely have time to go to the mall. The idea of having to take my clothes off in a tiny room with a dirty mirror gives me the creeps but it’s something I have to do. Anxiety overcomes my body as I hear footsteps getting louder and louder. Suddenly, a violent knock on the door. “Ocupado,” a word I was ready to spit out as soon as I got in the fitting room is heard in the short hallway with black-stained walls. Seriously, how much can a paint job cost?

I hear people mumbling, obviously complaining about how long people take to try on clothes. I remind myself that some decisions can’t be rushed when there’s a huge gap between my back and a pair of skinny jeans. Big booty / small waist problems. I slip on a smaller pair but they don’t make it past my thighs.

“Size up and tailor down.” All of a sudden, Stacy London pops up in my head. I remember What Not to Wear. Would Stacy and and Clinton be ok with these $55 jeans? I grab a leg and pull on both sides to test for stretch. A two inch difference is not enough.

“Miss, are you ok in there?” How long had it been?

“I’m fine.” Ugh, I had to hurry. Maybe if I squeezed my ass enough I could forcibly pull up the 25″ waist jeans. I did a little dance, I jumped a bit and I was starting to sweat. I reached my thighs and prepared for the moment of truth. Squeeze and pull. Squeeze and pull. Squeeze and… rip. I felt my eyes get big when I heard the dreadful noise of stitches coming undone. My fashion design professor would be so ashamed of me. What would a pre-“Fancy” Iggy Azalea do? A knock interrupted my thinking.

“Yes! I’m almost done. Jeez.”

I took both jeans and decided to buy the 26″ ones. $55 and I had to tailor them? Bummer. But there was nothing else I could do. I opened the door and the angsty teen already had his arm extended.

“Oh, um, I’m taking both.” He rolled his eyes and led the next lady towards the dressing room. As I walked past the long line, I felt eyes of judgement on me. Did they know? Did they hear? I scoured the store for the perfect spot to dump the wounded jeans. I figured camouflaging them would be best. I looked for one of those neatly stacked tower of jeans and stuffed them between size 25 of undamaged goods. This was evidence I needed to get rid of. I walked away with quick feet with my eyes on the counter. I was already reaching for my purse when I heard someone sigh in frustration. I looked over my shoulder and saw an employee down on his knees surrounded by a sea of denim. The jeans had fallen like poorly stacked Jenga tower.

“Next!” It was my turn and I panicked.

“I tried these on and decided I don’t want them.” I left the jeans at the counter and ran.

To be continued…

Hello 90s


Chokers, jelly shoes and Tamagotchi are back but can we talk about things that won’t make 20-30 year-olds look like they’re suffering from nostalgia?

Slip Dress

Let’s start with the best example of a 90s babe, Jennifer Aniston. Who doesn’t remember Rachel from Friends? And who could forget the hair trend she started? In the 90s, Jen Aniston was considered a fashion icon and slip dress mania began.



Forever 21 has a nice variety of slip dresses. Whether you like the nightgown look or want for something more sophisticated, they have the perfect slip dress for you.

Mom Jeans



Ditch flared pants and bell-bottoms. Our Cindy Crawford / Pepsi dreams came true! Look relaxed but put together in your old Levi’s. If you didn’t keep your mom jeans 20-something years ago, do a little thrift shop tour. Relaxed fit jeans that sit at the natural waist paired with a belt and guitar-shaped belt buckle are a classic combo. Check out Topshop’s collection.

Chunky Heels / Box Heels


We can be comfy again as chunky heels are making a comeback! For a more modern take on this trend, click through GoJane’s site.

Now that your closet is updated, (it was so 2015) Rugrats marathon, maybe?

Kate Spade Flavor of the Month Collection


Get ready to feel carnival-y with Kate Spade’s Flavor of the Month Collection. Warning: Cute bags ahead!

Peanuts Bag

Wicker Teddy Bear

Ice Cream Truck Clutch

Carousel Bag

KateSpadeAdmitOne.jpgAdmit One Clutch



Popsicle Coin Purse


Enjoy 25% off with code PURPOSE. Valid through March 13th.

I love the Admit One Clutch. Which bag is your favorite?

OOTD: Tropical Tendencies



If you like to plan your seasonal outfits ahead, it’s time to start planning for the summer. Palm leaf prints have been on trend for a while and they won’t be going away any time soon. Yellows and greens are the perfect summer colors and are great to transition from one neutral to another. People are often afraid to wear black and brown together but with a bright transition color, it becomes easy to do .

The palm leaf print is everywhere. Just check out these sites:

Forever 21     A’GACI     PacSun     ModCloth

Today’s outfit was obviously inspired by this trendy print and it all began with ModCloth’s one-piece swimsuit.


High Dive by ModCloth

Need I Say Shore One-Piece Swimsuit


Feel as dazzling as the cerulean sea, lounging under an overhanging palm in this exquisite, black one piece. A fresh offering from High Dive by ModCloth, this stunning swimwear features lime green palms, a bustier-style bust, and noir piping to accentuate your lovely look.



Moto Short Denim Dungaree


Tap into the denim trend with these short dungarees. A cool-casual option, with multiple pockets and adjustable shoulder fastening, style with a funnel-neck top for seasonal relevance.

Make anything casual with denim overalls! Feel comfy while looking for the perfect beach spot with just the right amount of shade! Feeling thrifty? I’m sure you’ll find some overalls at your local thrift shop.



Tan Fringe Boho Bag


Glamorous women’s tan messenger bag. Long tassel fringe detailing on the flap. Long plaited across the body strap.

Add some boho-chic flair to your outfit with a fringe messenger bag. A black one would look great, too.



Tropic and Choose Bag


After you’ve carefully crafted your outfit of the day, add this quirky-cute bag for the final fanciful touch. Fashioned into a yellow pineapple with a straw-like structure, brown, vegan faux-leather accents, and golden studs, this purse is a piece of paradise you’ll pick again and again.


Luxury Divas

Wide 6″ Brim Floppy Hat


Whether you’re at the beach or sitting poolside, this alluring, floppy straw hat is sure to maintain your cool in vintage-chic fashion.


Princess Polly

Dream of Me Sunglasses




Vans Authentic Lo Pro Shoe


Keep the sand out of your toes with a pair of classic sneakers. Or wear strappy sandals like the ones in the photo by Charles and Keith (sold out) if you enjoy feeling sand between your toes. (Ew.)



Sunshine Bracelet Multipack


Remember to always add a pop of color with your accessories. Not much of a bracelet girl, like me? Check out these funky earrings:



Best Fruit Forward Earrings


Turn a simple ensemble into your freshest look yet by adding these pineapple earrings to the equation! Packed with the stylish nutrients your accessorizing game craves, this pair boasts a bright green and yellow color scheme topped with a glossy finish that will always make you feel your greatest!


Betsey Johnson 

Pretty Pineapple Watch


Fuel your tropical daydreams by gazing at this cute and quirky pineapple watch! A crisp white-on-white palette complements its resort vibe.

What are some of your summer must haves?

No Hat: The Story Behind the Pink Suit


Evoking a powerful image of an intelligent, sophisticated and independent woman, the Chanel suit was one of the strongest and sought after fashion items during the late 1950s and early 1960s. The famous pink suit with navy trim was shown in the Autumn/Winter 1969 Coco Chanel collection and it was known to be one of John F. Kennedy’s favorites. Some say the dress worn by Jacqueline is a knockoff created by a New York dress shop called Chez Ninon so she could indulge her French tastes and still buy American to appear patriotic. Most Americans didn’t know the suit was pink given that color TV began to take over our living rooms in the mid 1960’s, after the assassination.


Chanel Suits, 1961. Time Magazine.

The presidential limousine was passing a grassy knoll on the north side of Elm Street at the moment of the fatal head shot on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Immediately after President John F. Kennedy was shot in the head, the suit became spattered with his blood.

Kennedys in Dallas Motorcade

President John F. Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and Texas Governor John Connally ride in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Moments later the President and Governor were shot by an assassin. (Walt Sisco / Copyright Bettmann/Corbis / AP Images)

“I cast one last look over my shoulder and saw in the President’s car a bundle of pink, just like a drift of blossoms, lying in the back seat. It was Mrs. Kennedy lying over the President’s body.” -Lady Bird Johnson

The pillbox hat was secured by a hatpin. Jacqueline took it off somewhere inside the hospital.

“While standing there I was handed Jackie’s pillbox hat and couldn’t help noticing the strands of her hair beneath the hat pin. I could almost visualize her yanking it from her head.” -Mary Gallagher, the first lady’s personal secretary.

Nobody knows where the famous pillbox hat is but Mary Gallagher is the last known person to have had it.

PinkSuitBlood1 JohnsonSwornIn

Mrs. Kennedy was asked to change her clothes but she refused saying, “Let them see what they’ve done.”  She was still wearing the blood-stained suit when Vice President Johnson was sworn in as the 36th President of the United States. It is said she regretted having washed her husband’s blood off her face before President Johnson was sworn in. A composed Mrs. Kennedy let her pink suit do the talking, symbolizing her incredible strength and giving meaning to the feminist slogan, “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman.”

Jackie finally took off her suit the following morning. Her maid, Providencia Paredes took it out of her sight, placed it in a box and sent it to Mrs. Kennedy’s mother. Months later, the box was sent to the National Archives with a note saying “Jackie’s suit and bag worn Nov. 22, 1963.” The hat was not in the box and the suit was never cleaned. It remains out of public view and the precise location is kept secret.

In 2003, a deed of gift was secured from by then the sole surviving heir, Caroline Kennedy . She stipulated that the suit not be displayed for the life of the deed — 100 years. When it runs out in 2103, the right to display it can be renegotiated by the family. The temperature hovers between 65 and 68 °F the humidity is 40 percent; the air is changed six times an hour in the suit’s vault.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died in May, 1994. She was 64 years old. Among the First Ladies of the United States, she remains one of the most popular.

Though the years, Mary Gallagher and Providencia Paredes have posted online several items that belonged to Mrs. Kennedy up for auction but not the pillbox hat.





What I learned at the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale


Photo via cupofniall

We finally got a Victoria’s Secret in my hometown and though I didn’t get what all the hype was about, — I mean, they’re just bras— I caved and went to the store only to find out they were having their semi-annual sale. Oh crap. As a newbie, I learned a few things:

  1. You’re probably wearing the wrong right bra size.

    Here’s what will happen: One of the ladies in all black will insist on measuring your bra size and say you’re wearing the wrong one. I went from a 36B to a 32D. At first I thought it was just Victoria’s Secret sizing. If the bras run two cup sizes too small, women will get excited thinking they’re bigger than they actually are. Turns out they run true to size and 36B and 32D are just sister sizes. Nice try, Victoria. Nice try. This takes us to number two:

  2. Look for sister sizes. 

    You like that super cute mint bra with watermelon pink rhinestones on the straps but it’s not your size? Check out your sister sizes. You may find it in another size bin. When a bra’s band size is increasing, the relative cup volume is decreasing. And when a bra’s band size is decreasing, the relative cup volume is increasing. More cup sizes can actually fit your breasts! More options! Yay! Use the size chart below to determine alternative cup sizes.


  3. Panties first, bras later.

    If you have OCD, meaning you must wear matching underwear, dive onto the panty table first. There are less panties than bras. Search for cute ones and then look for matching bras. Remember they don’t necessarily have to be a set. Go for matching colors or lace patterns.

  4. Team up!

    Go with a friend. Keep a lookout for each others size while frantically searching for your own and meet up at the dressing room later. Remember it’s sale and a random hand might snatch that $125 Christmas special edition, now on sale for $35, which was your friend’s size. Stick with the buddy system, grab what you can and get rid of what you don’t like later.


  5. Check their website

    If you don’t like the idea of a crowded store, online shopping is always an option. The only downside is you don’t get to try on the goods.

  6. Save up!

    Yes, it’s a sale but bras are still $16+ and very few of them are cute and within the $20-$25 range. If you want to stock up your intimates drawer, keep in mind that this sale is usually held during December/January and June/July. Fill that piggy bank!

  7. Remember your closet

    Yes, that purple passion bra is lovely but will it show through your tops?  Are most of your blouses white or ivory? If the answer is “yes,” go for neutrals first.


  8. Go as soon as the sale starts at no risk!

    If people would take the time and actually read the back of their receipt, they would learn that Victoria’s Secret has a 14 days price adjustment policy. Just take your receipt and the credit or debit card you used to make the purchase. Any markdowns will be returned to you in the same method of payment.

    Now save up to stock up during the Summer sale! May the bra odds be ever in your favor.


OOTD: Sourpus Clothing Kitchen



After learning Sourpuss Clothing was seeking models around New Jersey, I had to send some of my photos. I was thrilled when I got the e-mail saying I had been chosen to pose for their Spring / Summer 2015 Catalog. Everything was super adorable but this little outfit, perfect for looking all cute while baking, took the cake!


Outfit Deets


Sourpuss Clothing

Songbird Rosie Dress



Sourpuss Clothing

Lovely Anchors Apron



Betsey Johnson

Kitsch Betsey’s Cooking Crossbody




Red White Patent Platform Shoes


Or any pair of simple turquoise pumps!

I hope you like this sweet outfit!

New Year’s Resolutions and How to Keep Them



I’m not sure if I believe in New Year’s Resolutions. The pressure around the idea makes me cringe and making false promises to myself is a negative way to start off the new year. People make it seem like you either have to go big with your goals for the next year or not even try. I first learned about these silly promises when I was a teen. Yes, a little late in the game. One day, the health and fitness section at Walmart was a mess and people were filling their carts with scales, dumbbells and talking to employees about purchasing the latest  Fat Destroyer X12000 or something with some ridiculous sounding name. It seemed like everyone had a gym membership and morning joggers passed each other on the sidewalks. Fast forward to two weeks later. No joggers and only the already fit people were still going to the gym. So, why do we fail at keeping these resolutions? Here are some of the reasons why you’re still working on your resolutions for 2011:

Goals are unrealistic or hard to achieve

Sure, you might want to loose 100 pounds in the next year but if you’re not someone who’s already used to exercising, starting as a beginner and realizing how much work you have to put into it will create a cloud of self-doubt over your head. All of a sudden, you want to make things easier. “I’ll start off by eating only 3 slices of pizza instead of 4 and I’ll only eat two next week. Or maybe the week after that. After all, I’m new to this.” “I jogged for an hour. I’m sure I can eat that extra slice.”

If your goal is to loose weight, start by trying to shed 20 pounds by the summer. Depending on how committed you become to living a healthier lifestyle, you may even loose more weight than you wanted to in the first place. 20 pounds sounds less scary than 100.

Goals aren’t specific

I’ve heard people say “I want to learn something new.” We learn something new each day. Just saying you want to learn something sounds vague and I’m sure your brain processes it as it sounds–unclear and inexact. What exactly do you want to learn? How to cook? A new language?

Be realistic. Be specific. Make a plan.

Only 8% of people keep their New Year’s Resolutions. Become one of them by using the SMART goal method:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? Do you even have one?



Black Friday Sales


Get ready for Black Friday deals by saving things to your ModCloth love list. I like to check out the site occasionally to mark things I like. When a sale hits the site, I pick whatever items I like best and score a rad deal. ModCloth’s prices have certainly gone up in the past two years and a coupon code is almost always needed, unless, of course, it’s a total style emergency.

A sale that’s going on now is Orchard Corset‘s CS 345 corset sale. Use code CINCHIT to get 15% off these styles. I had the CS345 and I must warn you, it’s not meant for short torsos. So if you’re a tall gal who wants extreme curves, go for it! This code expires on December 1st.

I’ll post deets on ModCloth’s Black Friday Sale tomorrow. I promise you it’s a good one!

Where do you do your online shopping on Black Friday?

OOTD: Floats your Note


My love for themed outfits reached an all time high when I received a purse that remained on my wish list for the longest time. Originally, I wanted the Betsey Johnson Gold Camera bag but it’s nowhere to be found. It is now one of my unicorns. For those that still aren’t active in the swapping world, a unicorn is a very hard to find item.  I swapped one of my Sourpuss Clothing dresses with a nice girl living in New York for one of her skirts. I realized I’d rather have more skirts and less dresses. The outfit possibilities increase by 50%. Smart choice, bold move.

My style, which consists of classic cuts combined with bold prints, showed with this 50s-inspired outfit worn at South Fashion Week:


Interested in these pieces? Shop here:



Floats Your Note Skirt



I couldn’t find a link to my crop top but any black sweetheart top would’ve worked. This is from Miss Selfridge.

Miss Selfridge

Black Sweetheart Bandeau Top


ootdpeeptooesAgain, I couldn’t find a link for my shoes. Mine were purchased at a local Payless. Any white peep toe heels (mine were kitten heels!) work. These are Dolce and Gabbana.

Dolce and Gabbana

Peep Toes in White



Betsey Johnson / ModCloth

Audio Thrilled the Radio Bag


This purse is sold out everywhere! One must be determined to search everyday to find one. I got mine at Poshmark for less than retail price.

May your outfit creations be as sweet as apple pie! (Seriously, can Thanksgiving get here already?)